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Nov. 21 - Successful launch for the three CERES satellites

This Tuesday morning, the three satellites of the CERES-mission were successfully launched from the Kourou Space Center. The three CERES satellites are gravitating in formation in low Earth Orbit.

Aug. 21 - Telemaque onboard ISS is a success!

Last July, Thomas Pesquet tested the Telemaque instrument for the first time onboard ISS.

Apr. 21 - Successful launch for Pleiades Neo!

"Pleiades Neo 3", the first satellite of the Pleiade Neo constellation, was successfully launched early this morning with several EREMS equipment on-board.

Apr. 21 - EREMS contributes to the Mars Sample Return-program

The Perseverance rover landed successfully on the planet Mars, last March, thus marking a promising future for the three-step “Mars Sample Return”-program. The aim of this program is to bring back on Earth samples (and data) from the Red Planet.

Feb. 21 - EREMS joins the the Martian moons exploration

MMX, short for “Martian Moons eXploration”, is going to explore and study Mars’ two moons Deimos & Phobos. EREMS will develop the Power Control and Distribution Unit (PCDU) of the little rover which will land on Phobos.Mathis


Nov. 19 - Insight celebrates the anniversary of its landing on Mars with more than 300 earthquakes recorded by SEIS

On November 26th, the Insight mission celebrated the first anniversary of the landing of its Martian module. Co-created by the CNES, NASA and the DLR, its main goal is to study the inner structure of the red planet.

Who we are

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Erems technologie

Founded in 1979, EREMS is a French Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) specialised in the design and the realization of electronic equipments, and of associated softwares for high technology fields : Space, Defence, Aeronautics, Nuclear...

Endowed with engineering, manufacturing and tests services, EREMS, for over 40 years, has been developing flight electronics and ground electronic equipments, testbenches...