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Farewell Ariane 5 !

Ariane_5_VA261_liftoff ©ESA

Last night saw the final flight of Ariane 5, carrying the German satellite Heinrich Hertz and the French satellite Syracuse 4B.

Syracuse 4B

Syracuse 4B is a military telecommunications satellite designed to improve communications in the French army's various theatres of operation, whether in mainland France or on external operations.

In a few months' time, Syracuse 4B will join Syracuse 4A, launched in 2021. This formation will replace the previous one, providing better performance in terms of capacity and flexibility in bandwidth and coverage. For the Syracuse 4B satellite, EREMS supplied the HIPE equipment used to control a set of cameras on this satellite.

Ariane 5

This launch was also the last for the Ariane 5 rocket, a symbolic last flight for all the space operators, including EREMS, given the amount of equipment sent on board throughout its 27 years of service.

For the ROSETTA mission, our teams developed energy converters for the CONSERT instrument on board the orbiter and the Philae lander. For BepiColombo (which recently provided superb images of Mercury) we supplied a Data Processing Unit, and for EUTELSAT 7C, the telecommunications satellite that provides high-speed services, EREMS designed and developed the ICARE-NG radiation monitor, not to mention the many ATVs for which EREMS has provided electronics. 

Ariane 5 is giving way to the new generation after 117 launches, and Ariane 6 will be taking over shortly, with great prospects on the horizon!