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Electronic equipment design and manufacture
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Our productsPower Distribution Unit

Additionally to full custom projects, EREMS adapts the following products for providing specific solutions to its customers :

GAN - Converter Board

The converter board is based on an isolated DC/DC architecture with GanFET transitor.

See detailed sheet

PCDU MMX - Power Conditioning and Distribution Unit

In the frame of the MMX project, EREMS is in charge of the development, verification and delivery of the Power Conditioning and Distributing Unit. This electronic component manages all the electrical powering of the Rover.

See detailed sheet

PCDU NANO - Power Conditioning and Distribution Unit

The Power Conditioning and Distribution Unit (PCDU) is a power system for Nano satellites compliant with Cubesat standard.
The PCDU is based on a modular architecture composed of 4 main modules for multi-missions rapid commissioning (6U - 27U).

See detailed sheet

DCDC Converter Unit - Modular ICU

This module which corresponds to a DCDC converter modules supplies the power to the ICU.

See detailed sheet

ACES - Power Distribution Unit

The Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space (ACES) is a payload involving two high-performance Clocks: PHARAO and SHM.

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EREMS is in charge of the development of the IPE equipment which is responsible of the Power Generation and Supply to the Front End Electronic of the optical sensor.

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BoMo - Modular Boxes

BoMo is a co-created modular box born from the cooperation between EREMS and CNES in the wake of the mini-satellite competitive market.

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ACES-MWL- Power Supply Unit

The MicroWave Link (MWL) of the Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space (ACES) consists of a Flight Segment (MWL-FS) and associated antennas.

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