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Electronic equipment design and manufacture
Software development

Our values

Independent company at a human scale since 1979, EREMS is based on core values

  • Expertise: Through our dedication to meet the needs of Space, Defence and Aeronautics industries, we are bound to achieve excellence. This quest for perfection is driven by our teams' commitment to create innovative solutions, and bring their expertise to our customers.

  • Rigour: We pride ourselves in our products quality and fiability: EREMS quality approach is rigorously applied in every process and we adapt our product assurance practices to each customer particularities.

  • Encourage transparency: For trust to exist, expectations needs to be explicit and communicated. Whether inside our multidisciplinary teams, in our communication with our customers or when working alongside external partners, transparency is essential to build an open and trustful work environment for all stakeholders.

  • Mastery of all stages from design to production: EREMS provides a robust range of complementary services designed to deliver specific solutions to our clients. We enforce our quality controls and standards as we design, develop, manufacture and tests our products. Such strategic positioning gives EREMS the high flexibility and versatility required to take part in a wide range of industrial projects.

  • Skills: We like to think our clients see us as craftsmen in the making of strong constraints electronics. Because our success is directly linked to the quality of our people, it is crucial to ensure transmission and developpement of our Know-How. Thus EREMS have a strong focus on providing learning opportunities to its employees; for example new recruits work under the tutelage of a more experienced colleague.