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Apr. 21 - Successful launch for Pleiades Neo!

Picture of a Pleiades Neo satellite (copyright : Airbus Defence & Space)

Category(-ies) : EREMS electronics in Space

"Pleiades Neo 3", the first satellite of the Pleiade Neo constellation, was successfully launched early this morning with several EREMS equipment on-board.

The four entirely Airbus Defence & Space-funded observation satellites offer a 30cm resolution and a higher number of visit than the previous models. Thus, they allow Airbus DS’ customers to have access to very high quality data.

EREMS took part in this program since 2016 by providing the complete electronic set of the optical instrument: Front-End Electronics, Instrument Power Electronics and Instrument Housekeeping Electronics. This program represents for EREMS several tens of products supplied for the whole constellation.

 The three other satellites will be launched by the second trimester of 2022.

 For more details, see the constellation website.