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Electronic equipment design and manufacture
Software development

Our productsAcquisition, Data Handling Units

Additionally to full custom projects, EREMS adapts the following products for providing specific solutions to its customers :

INSIGHT - SEIS Feedback Board

INSIGHT (Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport) is a mission from NASA’s Discovery Program.

This mission aims at understanding the evolution of the formation of rocky planets, including Earth, by examinating the internal structure and the processes occurring on Mars.


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Z7000 - Data Processing Board

The Z7000 board can be interfaced, on the same equipment through a backplane or daughter board with other functions such as: memory card, DC/DC converter, optical card.

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In the frame of CO3D program, EREMS is in charge of the design and the development of the Payload Management Unit (PMU).

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IHE - Housekeeping Module

Instrument Housekeeping Electronics (IHE) is embedded in the satellites PLEIADES NEO. These satellites are part of a constellation which provides pictures with a spatial resolution of 12 in.


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HKM - Housekeeping Module

The HouseKeeping Module (HKM) manages the Thermal Control of the NAOMI-C Instrument and the synchronization of the CFEEs.

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The XGRE analyser was onboard the TARANIS satellite as part of the study of the impulsive energy transfers above thunderstorms.

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PHEBUS - Data Processing Unit

PHEBUS is a dual Ultra-Violet spectrometer involved in the BEPICOLOMBO MPO (Mercury Planetary Orbiter) mission.

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TARANIS -MicroCamera Analyser

MCA (MicroCamera Analyser) is a lightning detection tool designed for space operation and was implemented on the Taranis satellite.

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Mass Memory Board

This memory board is based on a Kintex US FPGA from Xilinx and a Rad-Hard microcontroller of supervision from Vorago.

The module has Gbit/s transceivers to exchange data with processing board and can send the data stored through 800Mb/s LVDS link.

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