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Additionally to full custom projects, EREMS adapts the following products for providing specific solutions to its customers :

NG Medium Module - Modular ICU

The FPGA module can be used in stand-alone mode or powered and monitored by other modules. It is designed specifically for use with modular ICU.


See detailed sheet

GR740 Module - ICU Module

The CPU module manages the TM/TC and calculates the dedicated software requirements.

See detailed sheet

Modular ICU

This technology is meant for the space market : scientific satellites/probes, earth observation programmes, exploration or security missions.

See detailed sheet

CPU BOARD - Control and Processing Unit

A new generation of the ICARE-NG2 Control module will allow to:
   • Solve components obsolescence issues, including the choice of the microcontroller.
   • Be compatible with the TM/TC satellite buses

See detailed sheet

CPUGEN - On-Board Computing Module

The CPUGEN is a high performance processor board based on radiation hardened components, designed for space applications in collaboration with CNES.

See detailed sheet

UGTS - Scientific Trantment and Management Unit

The Scientific Treatment and Management Unit (UGTS) is in charge of the power supply and the control of the instrument, but also in charge of the scientific treatment of the front-end camera and the generation of the alert trigger signal.


See detailed sheet