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BEPICOLOMBO on its way to Mercury

BepiColombo was launched from Kourou by Ariane 5 on October 20, 2018 aiming Mercury, the  nearest planet to the sun. The two probes will separate and insert in orbit around Mercury in 2025.  

Successful deployment of IDEAS equipment onboard Microscope

The Microscope satellite, launched in April 2016, has been correctly de-orbited on 16 October using a new system, IDEAS triggered by the BTCU-PS that EREMS has designed and developed for the CNES (delivered in December 2014).

Start of ECHO experiment onboard the ISS

On December 8th, Thomas PESQUET started the ECHO experiment onboard the ISS with an EREMS equipment created for the CNES.

ECHO is an echograph remotely controlled from earth.

This instrument allows a doctor to perform medical examination from earth, without him to intervene in person onboard the ISS.  

The first 10 Iridium Next satellites launched by SpaceX !

Four month after the explosion of its Falcon 9, SpaceX resumed its flights successfully on January 14th. This recovery corresponds to the launch of a first cluster of 10 satellites of the future next-generation Iridium Next constellation. This launch took away the first electronic assemblies designed and manufactured by EREMS for the SAFT batteries of the 81 Iridium-Next satellites.

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Founded in 1979, is a French Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) specialised in the design and the realization of electronic equipments, and of associated softwares for high technology fields : Space, Defence, Aeronautics, Nuclear...

Endowed with engineering, manufacturing and tests services, EREMS, for almost 40 years, has been developing flight electronics and ground electronic equipments, testbenches...