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PCDU NANO - Power Conditioning and Distribution Unit

The Power Conditioning and Distribution Unit (PCDU) is a power system for Nano satellites compliant with Cubesat standard.
The PCDU is based on a modular architecture composed of 4 main modules for multi-missions rapid commissioning (6U - 27U).

Main features

Each module integrates a SAM3X microcontroller from Microchip.

MPPT module(s)
   • Up to 4x 12W solar sections per module
   • Digital Maximum Power Point Tracking on each channel for solar array design optimization

DET module(s)
   • Up to 5x 20W solar sections per module
   • Direct Energy Transfer for enhanced thermal management on higher power configurations and/or EMC/EMI sensitive applications

Distribution module(s)
   • Up to 10W 5V and 6W 3.3V per module
   • Up to 14x permanent or switchable (NRB, 5V or 3.3V) LCL protected power distribution lines per module with full monitoring

Conversion & Distribution module(s) - 28V
   • Up to 2x 5A LCL NRB per module
   • Up to 50W 28V with 2x LCL per module
   • 4x additional switchable NRB LCL protected distribution power lines per module

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Main specifications