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CPU BOARD - Control and Processing Unit

A new generation of the ICARE-NG2 Control module will allow to:
   • Solve components obsolescence issues, including the choice of the microcontroller.
   • Be compatible with the TM/TC satellite buses

Main features

The ICARE-NG2 Control module is the main part of this ICARE instrument. It is designed to manage the following sub-modules:
   • The TM/TC interface to the satellite network (1553 / CAN / SPW / UART links)
   • The Spectrometer module (setup, trigger sensors acquisitions and read the results)
   • The Experiment board (setup and gather periodically measures from components under test)

The control module is composed of 2 boards :
   • Microcontroller board
   • Interface board

For technical specifications, please contact us.

Main specifications