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TARANIS -MicroCamera Analyser

MCA (MicroCamera Analyser) is a lightning detection tool designed for space operation and was implemented on the Taranis satellite.

Main features

The overall objective of the TARANIS mission was to study the magnetosphere-ionosphere atmosphere coupling via transient processes.

The satellite was intended to collect data about Transient Luminous Events observed during thunderstorms, also called ‘sprites’, hence the name TARANIS (Tool for the Analysis of RAdiation from lightNIng and Sprites).

EREMS was in charge of the study, development and implementation of the MCA board.

The MCA is included in MCP-MC, which is dedicated to the following functions:
•Differentiate lightnings and  TLEs by observing two spectral bands
•Locate lightnings and TLEs
•Study the occurrence of lightning and TLEs
•Characterize lightnings and TLEs for measuring the spatial extent of TLE

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Main specifications