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Electronic equipment design and manufacture
Software development

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ICARE NG - Radiation Monitor

ICARE-NG was designed for various missions:
   • JASON-2, the successor of TOPEX-POSEIDON (France) and JASON-1 (USA). This satellite was launched in June 2008 in a LEO (1330km, 66°) orbit.
   • SAC-D the next scientific satellite from Argentina. This satellite was launched in 2011 in a LEO (715km, 98°) orbit,
   • JASON-3, the successor of JASON-2, from France and USA. This satellite was launched in June 2016 in a LEO.
   • EUTELSAT 7C, a high-speed telecommunications satellite built by Maxar Technologies to cover the areas of Africa, Europe and Middle East. It was launched in June 2019.


Main features

EREMS was in charge of:
   • The design and architecture of the spectrometer and the experience itself
   • The development of the FPGA and the microcontroller
   • Testing and the integration of the different boards
   • The conception of the mechanical box

Main specifications