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Electronic equipment design and manufacture
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Generic Passive Equipment

The SAP is an equipment for Satellite Electrostatic charging.
It aims to passivate, e.g. connect both polarization (+) and (-), of SA Sections from Solar Array through SAFLT unit.

Main features

The SAFLT equipment is purely passive and filters the AC currents of all individual electrical lines routed between platform and Pyro or Solar array in large RF bandwidth.
It aims to filter common mode perturbation on solar array section and Pyrotechnic equipment with pass-through filters and ferrites.

FUSE BOX equipment distributes the primary power to repeater high power units.
These last ten years, EREMS has contributed to the development of many fuse box equipment sets for several space program for both Thales Alenia Space and Airbus Defense & Space:

EREMS was in charge of the complete design and development of the SAP, SAFLT and FUSE BOX equipment.

For the techical specifications, please contact us.

Main specifications