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Oct. 18 - BEPICOLOMBO on its way to Mercury

Artist's rendering of BepiColombo probe

Category(-ies) : EREMS electronics in Space

BepiColombo was launched from Kourou by Ariane 5 on October 20, 2018 aiming Mercury, the  nearest planet to the sun. The two probes will separate and insert in orbit around Mercury in 2025.  

Consisting of three modules, BepiColombo probe will provide maps of Mercury surface and inner structure as well as new data on its exosphere and magnetosphere.

EREMS have collaborated with LATMOS to develop the "Data Processing Unit" and the PHEBUS high-voltage power supplies (located on the European module MPO), an Ultraviolet spectrometer that will contribute to a better knowledge of the atmosphere of Mercury.

Learn more about the MPO module of BepiColombo mission to Mercury (CNES Website)