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Nov. 21 - Successful launch for the three CERES satellites

CERES Satellites (copyright : CERES)

Category(-ies) : EREMS electronics in Space

This Tuesday morning, the three satellites of the CERES-mission were successfully launched from the Kourou Space Center. The three CERES satellites are gravitating in formation in low Earth Orbit.

Thanks to their global geographical coverage, the three satellites of the CERES constellation will collect data in areas unattainable for ground, naval or airborne sensors, providing the armies with a better knowledge of the capacities and intentions of the opponents. This one-of a-kind and never seen in Europe system offers a major technological progress. CERES will enable the detection and the localization, from space, of radars, radios or communications and to precisely determine their technical characteristics, making France one of the few country to have access to this technical achievement. The high performance sensors and the intelligence of the electronics aboard the satellites and the ground stations are mainly responsible of this success.

In collaboration with Thales Alenia Space Belgium, EREMS took part in the development of the RTU (“Remote Terminal Unit”) equipment displayed onboard each satellite. This equipment has many different uses ranging from collecting analog and digital measurements to the control of specific instruments and the power distribution to others.

Moreover, EREMS has also supplied the flight electronic equipment which will enable the passivation of the satellites at their end of life.

For more details about the mission, click on this link.