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Nov. 20 - LSTM : a new satellite to study Earth's temperature

Image of the LSTM satellite (copyrights : Airbus)

Category(-ies) : EREMS electronics in Space

A new mission of the European Copernicus program aims to launch a satellite to study Earth's ground temperature. EREMS will develop electric equipment for the state-of-the-art optical instrument.

Airbus DS was chosen by the European Space Agency to conceive and develop a new generation satellite for the Earth observation program Copernicus.

LSTM, short for “Land Surface & Temperature Monitoring”, is the name given to the mission which will aim to measure precisely and frequently throughout night and day the Earth’s ground temperature” thanks to a “state-of-the-art optical instrument” for which EREMS will develop electronic equipment. 

The data thus collected will be analysed mainly to anticipate the needs of natural resources and more specifically the management of water and its optimization by European farmers.

LSTM is set to be ready around 2026 and launched in 2028. For more details, see Airbus' press release.