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Aug. 21 - Telemaque onboard ISS is a success!

The Telemaque experiment. (Crédits : CNES/ DE PRADA Thierry 2021)

Category(-ies) : EREMS electronics in Space

Last July, Thomas Pesquet tested the Telemaque instrument for the first time onboard ISS.

This acoustic clamp allows to remote handle objects of different sizes and mass. It is one of the 12 experiments developed by CADMOS.

EREMS has designed and manufactured the electronic equipment of the instrument and associated harness.

Thanks to its 48 transducers, the equipment generates a vortex in which the targeted object gets trapped, thus allowing to move it freely. The experiment led by Thomas Pesquet turned out well as he was able to move various marbles without any contact. In the future, Telemaque could be used for the handling on assembly lines, the moving of dangerous objects or the administration of medicine.

For more details please check the CNES’ article.